Will dermal fillers or botox make your lines or wrinkles look worse once the effects have worn off.?

I am thinking of having some fillers to fill out the nose to mouth lines that have deepened slightly and also the corners of my mouth seem to be turning down with little hollows either side of my lips, if you know what I mean. This seems to have happened rather quickly since xmas and seems to be getting worse as the weeks pass. Which would be the best and longer lasting for the areas I am talking about. I am in the United Kingdom so were would be the best place and the best person to go to. And lastly, will it hurt bad or is it bearable and are the results good.


  1. I haven’t used botox or dermal fillers for my wrinkles, so won’t be able to say whether they work or not. I use zenmed’s stretta which is an excellent herbal formula for getting rid of stretch marks developed post pregnancy, wrinkles, laughing lines and fine lines. I find it to be a quite effective anti-aging cream that works very well and results are noticeable in a weeks time. I would recommend this for you in case you don’t find any satisfying answers for botox and dermal fillers.

  2. People say that following Botox you can get wrinkles that you didn’t have before but I’m not sure that’s really true. With fillers they wouldn’t make the lines worse but as the effects wear off the wrinkles may be more obvious to you as you have got used to them being plumped out.
    You wouldn’t want Botox in those areas – it freezes your muscles so you wouldn’t be able to smile and would even start slightly drooling!
    Fillers are the answer – I haven’t had it done but I know from a friend that it hurts – most good surgeons will recommend a dental block to help with the pain. You should also expect some swelling and redness for at least a few days afterwards.
    It’s really important to go to a good clinic, if you can’t get a personal recommendation in your area then do some research on the net and have a consultation at a few places – the good ones should offer a free consultation.
    Good luck if you decide to go ahead. x

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