Original name for my beauty salon?

Hi please please help…
My mum has just bought a lovely little beauty salon and needs to change its name?
She is having real trouble and I think she might settle for something terrible out of pressure, if anyonehas any good ideas I ould really appreciate it, no time wasters please I really want to help her out.

Its going to be doing a bit of everyhting, non surgical facials as well as really relaxing.
Body treatments, botox, the works.

Very appreciative :)


  1. Simply Style

    Idk, it sucks but it’s all I could think of.

  2. 1) skin deep
    2) pure
    3) visage (face in french )

  3. ChelseaRose says:

    Curl Up and Dye…haha I love that

  4. ‘J’adore Moi’
    french for ‘ i love me’
    I think it just sounds nice :)

    ‘Pure and Simple’
    ‘Just because…’
    ‘Essence of beauty’
    ‘Au Natural’

    Just a few suggestions :)

  5. crackersnacker17 says:

    Some random (and probably bad, but maybe you’ll like one) suggestions:

    The Fashionable Face
    Relaxation Haven
    The De-Stressed Diva (not distressed, which I accidentally typed first… haha… whoops!)

    Hope these help a little =)

  6. Hmmm…maybe;


    The Beauty Box

    The Finishing Touch

    Little Slice of Paradise

    Ooh La La

  7. L’essence
    Beauty Salon

    It sounds classy! L’essence is “The essence” in French, by the way.

  8. “Bon Soir”
    it’s french for “good days”

    i also like if you are dying peoples hair in there, “Color Me Chic”

    or “Divine Essence”

    or something

  9. how’s this

    About Face or Lets Face It

    or my fave quote from some plastic surgeon

    If your face isn’t becoming to you, you should be coming to me.

  10. ♥MisssMarMarrLondon♥♥;] says:

    How about

    ‘Such a Pretty Face’

    Even though thats my lil trademark, you could have it if you wanted to.

    And errrm

    other ideas could be: Sugar’s, Hot Mess, Beautiful Mess, Cylinder, Flawz No more, SHEEk♥, Peeka, Beauty and the Bees, Showtime♥, Karma♥, 2Face-2Nice, shiqueBeautyBoutique.

    Hope i helped ;;;;;; x

  11. here are a suggestions,pampering palour or the pampering palour with the surrounding plaque righting in black and the main name in pink,as for names these are a few good one’s to suite what you want, fountain of beauty,also,essence of beauty,also,daydream beauty salon,or,be pampered,also,blooming beautilul,also,beauty from within,also,heavenly profile,i hope these give you some help or help to create more idea’s,good luck,ned,wales,uk

  12. Golden Boy says:


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