How can I make my skin more firm?

My forehead has quite a few stretch lines, from when I’ve raised my eyebrows or frowned. How can I firm these out and make it look smoother and younger?


  1. there are certain injections to the foreheads to demolish these lines ask for cosmatic clinics and they will advise you.

  2. Sensualdazzler says:

    Supposedly, if you put your face in a bowl/ sink of cold water for 30 seconds or so, everyday. The cold water tightens the skin. I came across this a few months ago in some woman ‘health and beauty’ supplement. I can’t guarantee its accuracy, but it kinda makes sense since hot water softens the skin. Try it and let me know if it works!

  3. ♥ Adorable Dork ♥ says:

    Sometimes using a Primer ( makeup primer ) will help this .. Also firming lotions ( such as olay skin firming lotion ) ! These are only temporary solutions but they should help a bit :)

  4. Sulochana R says:

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