Dose pile cream work on wrinkles?

I have heard that pile cream is supposed to help wrinkles lots of famous celebs apparently use it. Will it work?


  1. I’ve heard that too! not tried it myself think I will stick to face creams!

  2. RICHARD X says:

    Yes it does because it is a steroid, but too much use will damage you skin.

  3. Cheryl B says:

    Not on wrinkles but on bags under your eyes as it shrinks the skin.

  4. In theory yes, but I think I’d stick to gentle face creams…anything that’s meant for your arse just doesn’t appeal to me!

  5. Misty Blue says:

    I have heard that too.Another good thing is Retinol A.Roc do various moisturisers with this ingredient and it is also good for sun damaged skin.

  6. Yes it works very well because it tightens up the skin nicely.

    One area of loose skin which is often overlooked is the elbows. You do not notice these until you hit the 30s – but there they are, loose skin flapping in the breeze. All that’s required is a touch of pile cream every week.

    If you are gonna use the cream on yourself, do it at night before going to bed. Otherwise, you’ll just smell of pile cream during the day.

    One other think, keep it out of your eyes. I mean it smells pretty strong so might cause problems if it gets into the eyes.

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    Good luck.

  7. Yes, it is true that it works but it’s not a long term solution to wrinkles. It’s ok to use as a quick fix, e.g. a night out etc, but long term daily use will damage your skin. It works by tightening your skin temporarily, approx 6-8 hours, as the solution contains a steroid but prolonged use will weaken the skins elasticity creating a saggier look than before.
    Hope this helps!

  8. meowkittykat20 says:

    Tattoo cream works also ^———-^
    It does the same job as pile cream, people who have tattoos aloso use pile cream during the healing process.

    Bepanthen is surposes to work too.


  9. well it’s best to get rid of them naturally

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